"Europe for Citizens" Programme pursues a series of general objectives, that include the development of a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens (who should increase their participation to civic life and be aware of their rights through their participation to selected projects) and a sense of  European identity, based on shared values, common history and culture; the promotion of the citizenship of the European Union, by giving citizens the opportunity to meet, to interact and to participate in the construction of a closer Europe, which is democratic and world-oriented, united in and enriched through its cultural diversity; the furtherance of intercultural dialogue, through the enhancement of mutual understanding between European citizens and by respecting cultural and linguistic diversity.

The specific objectives of the Programme aim to bring together people coming from different European nations, who are allowed to meet during the project's activities, in order to exchange experiences, to know each other and to build together the future of Europe; to promote active citizenship, civic participation and democracy; to foster the knowledge of Europe and Europe's values and achievements, so that Europe can prove to be closer to its citizens, and to preserve its past; to encourage cooperation and interaction between citizens, civil society organizations and local authorities in participating countries, thus contributing to intercultural dialogue and to the building of Europe's unity, enriched by its diversity.